Natural Gas Cooking, Appliances and Indoor Air Quality
Over the past several years, AGA has worked to understand the implications of policy-driven electrification: the cost implications for Americans as well as the environmental implications. In short, these efforts are costly, do not have significant emissions reductions benefits and ignore the cost and environmental benefits of natural gas. And more recently, opponents of natural gas have used indoor air quality (IAQ) as a further argument to “electrify everything.”
AGA has developed for your information and use the following materials to address the role and value of natural gas to consumers, the economy, and the environment, including information related to concerns about natural gas cooking and indoor air quality.
We recognize that many of the arguments about the role and value of natural gas are localized and nuanced, and we are here to provide objective technical analysis to support your company. We have an experienced team that can provide analysis and technical information to support of your company’s strategic efforts. Please reach out to Richard Meyer at to discuss direct member support in evaluating proposals for policy-driven building electrification or to address state and local claims related to concerns about natural gas cooking and indoor air quality.
And finally, AGA is working on developing more well-founded research on the topic of IAQ:
  • Working with the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers on scoping a joint IAQ study
  • Discussing potential IAQ research with GTI, Consumer Products Safety Commission, DOE and EPA.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or for assistance.