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2023 Technical Conference Speakers and Topics

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What are gas utilities doing during the electrification era?

by Suzanne Ogle – President and CEO, Southern Gas Association

Hydrogen in the US marketplace

by Jacob Cleary –  Product Engineer, Beckett Thermal Solutions

Gas vs Electric ranges, the real data

by Frank Johnson  – Manager R&D, GTI Energy

Gas Range/Cooktop Efficiency Mandates

by Nick Asmis – CSA Group

Controlling Gas and Air for Premix

by Mark Masen – Maxitrol

Energy Status - Gas vs Electric

by Shannon Corcoran – AGA

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2022 Technical Conference Speakers and Topics

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Standards Proposals for Energy Efficiency, Decarbonization and Electrification

by Shannon Corcoran – AGA

Communicating Controls and Internet of Things

by Mark Masen –  Maxitrol

Battling Electrification from a Gas Utility Sector

by Stuart Saulters  – APGA

Harmonization of Standards

by Kent Nelson – UL

Introduction of Hydrogen to North American appliances

by Alex Fridlyand – GTI

ASHRAE Updates

by David Delaquila – Aquila Consulting, LLC

2019 Technical Conference Speakers and Topics

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Gas Heating with Absorption Heat Pumps – How, Where and Why

by Michael A. Garrabrant – Stone Mountain Technologies, Inc. – President & CEO

In this presentation you will hear about and better understand Absorption Heat Pumps and why the technology is becoming very relevant in product development and the field today.

Energy Opportunity and a Thoughtful Pathway to Emissions Reduction

by Richard Meyer – American Gas Association – Managing Director, Energy Analysis

In this presentation you will be informed on the impacts of Policy-Driven Residential Electrification and be given a general overview of Electrification from the gas industry perspective.

Hearth Appliances: Differences, Designs and Dilemmas

by Rick Vlahos – Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Education Foundation and the National Fireplace Institute – Executive Director

In this presentation Mr Vlahos will cover different installation practices of Hearth Appliances, their designs and some bad instances in the field.

An Overview of the Natural Gas Industry and Technology Trends for the coming decade

by Brian Weeks – Gas Technology Institute – Regional Business Development Director

Mr. Weeks will provide an overview of the natural gas industry, with a focus on the technology involved in bringing gas out of the ground, into the nation’s pipeline network, and finally, into the homes and businesses of the nation’s 75 million gas customers. Major end use applications for natural gas will be discussed, as will ongoing environmental and supply issues facing the industry.

Testing of North American Certified Appliances for Operation on Blends of Natural Gas and Hydrogen

by Ted Williams – American Gas Association – Senior Director, Codes & Standards

This presentation will give a background on natural gas and the blends with hydrogen. Mr Williams will extend on the research and development of testing the different blends for operation and safety.

Application of Pre-Mix Combustion Blowers

by Michael Garrett – Regal – Advanced Gas Technology Engineer

In this presentation Mr. Garrett will cover all things Pre-Mix Combustion Blowers, i.e. background, applications, and technology.

2018 Technical Conference Speakers and Topics

Premix Burners and Applications

by Bobby Gunter, Bekaert

The issues of Depressurization and Insufficient Combustion Air

by Cory Weiss, Field Controls

Everything you Need to Know about Heating Value, Measurement, and Calibration

by Dave Lach, Reliable Measurements

Vision for the Burner Industry 25 Years from Now (Regulatory, Design, and Cybersecurity)

by Travis Hardin, Underwriters Laboratories

Gas Valve Properties and Design Considerations in Systems

by Raymond Paul Joubran, Robertshaw

Testing of Commercial Foodservice Equipment for New NOx Emission Standards

by Frank Johnson, GTI

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