Preliminary Report on the May 11-12, 2022  BECS Committee Meeting in Salt Lake City.

Thanks to everyone who attended in-person or virtually in this week’s very productive May 11-12, 2022  BECS Committee meeting held in Salt Lake City.  The draft minutes of the meeting will be available soon.  As requested, we have attached a status of several current Department of Energy activities pertaining to appliance and equipment minimum efficiency activities prepared by Shannon Corcoran to help keep up to date on the specific rulemakings, proposed changes,  request for comments etc., that are underway at DOE. Also, as requested by the members, attached is the Issues Update Roster for each Task Group (Model Codes, Energy Conservation, Indoor Air Quality, Research, New Technology, NGV and Education) and we are requesting BECS members to review the Task Groups and let us know by May 23rd which Task Group(s) you would like to be on. It’s important that  BECS Committee members become active participants in these issue focused  Task Groups to help ensure that there is adequate coverage, member feedback, and involvement from the committee participants on items that can and do have substantial  impact on consumers and the AGA membership.
State Codes Activity Update.
Attached is a weekly feature of the “Friday Update” covering state code calendar activities as presented by the online utility “Fiscal Note,” which is sponsored by APGA and AGA Code and Standards. Please review the update and determine if there are state code activities that impact your service territory or organization.